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Kim Philips

Board members are representatives of the community who develop policies and create goals for the district. Here is why I decided to run for a seat on the Dover Board of Education:
I am fully invested in the school district! As a parent, I have a perspective on the challenges
facing our students as they navigate their way through their school years. My youngest will be
entering her sophomore year at Dover High School this September. Any policies or goals
that I vote or advocate for will directly impact my daughter, her friends, her classmates and her peers.

I am passionate about ensuring all students have the best educational experience possible with the understanding that the educational experience is not just about what happens directly in the classroom. I believe the school system needs to ensure that EVERY student has the building blocks to achieve a successful future, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.
I have creative ideas because of this passion. It is easy to point out what is currently being done or what needs to be done, but what we can do to improve our school district should be included in the answer to every question. I am confident I have plenty of ideas and experiences that will help enhance the Dover School District.

Those of you who know me know that I am in this for one reason, the students of the Dover School District. I am not a politician nor do I have any hidden agendas. As someone who keeps an open mind when making decisions and respects everyone’s thoughts and opinions, I will continue to act as an independent voice for ALL of our children. Our future depends on the continued success of our schools and my goal is to work hard to help set policies and goals that will enable our district to the best it can be!

Jaclyn Viveros

I am running for a seat on the Board of Education for the Dover School district. I have served and advocated for the educational needs of our community’s children as a Board of Education member in Dover for three years, and my term will be ending this year. Serving another term on the school board will allow me to continue working and advocating for the education of all our children.

I hold a very deep connection to the community, having lived in Dover my entire life. I enjoy being involved and helping where I can. Although my children are no longer in elementary school, I remain on the Academy Street School PTA board because I take great pride in supporting educational opportunities that provide the children with memorable life experiences. I also think it is important to keep the PTA active to continue providing the two scholarships to high school seniors every year.

Our schools are here to serve the needs of all children, without exception. My efforts as a board member will continue to assist in ensuring our kids have adequate and appropriate resources available to meet all standards regarding students’ success. I will continue to make analytical judgements to accept and approve an educational budget that supports all resources that focus on academic achievement. I will continue to strive to make well-rounded decisions, as it ultimately makes a difference for future generations.

I ask for your vote on November 8th so I may continue to support, advocate for, and maintain a stable and equitable school experience for our kids.

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